Bodypaint Brunch Photo Funhouse

Join us every Second Sunday at Skin City Body Painting for a truly unique photography experience! Buy your tickets NOW and use the code EARLY25 to get $25 off admission!


Maternity Model KareeAnne

KareeAnne Salgado, 25 years old, is one of Skin City Body Painting’s most-painted models. You can find her at Skin City studio at least once a month, volunteering to be a human canvas [...]


Love Your Body – Every Body Equal

We are all created equal, God put us on this earth to love and be in fellowship with each other. When we set aside things of race, color, stereotypes, etc., we become a beautiful and free [...]


Camouflage Body Paint at Gaia Flowers

Skin City recently joined forces with a lovely local flower shop Gaia Flowers. It’s located in the heart of the Arts District just a few blocks north of Skin City. Our studio manager, Liz [...]


My Brush with Andy Golub

On a recent snowy March afternoon in New Jersey, I found myself lugging body paint supplies & a precarious tray full of take-out coffee up a seemingly-endless twisting flight of fire escape [...]


A Very Happy Pi Day

We at Skin City love math! Yes, math! So in honor of this historic date, we would like to wish you and yours a very happy and irrational Pi Day! Model Carolin Feigs, hair and make up Deanna [...]


Down The Rabbit Hole

This blog post is by Skin City’s Corporate & Sales Director Sue Pyne and Artistic Director Robin Slonina. First Friday is always a great time at Skin City Body Painting, but one of the [...]


Halloween 2014 Round Up

How does Skin City manage an incredible Halloween year after year? With a rocking staff of artists, managers, and directors and an imaginative army of clients with great style and senses of [...]

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