Camouflage Body Paint at Gaia Flowers

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Skin City recently joined forces with a lovely local flower shop Gaia Flowers. It’s located in the heart of the Arts District just a few blocks north of Skin City. Our studio manager, Liz Gopwani, stopped in and was immediately struck by what a perfect place it would be to do a camouflage body paint! She shared her idea with Peter and Angela, the owners of the shop, and they jumped onboard!

Camouflage is definitely a more involved type of body paint. It is one of the challenges placed on the contestants on the GSN show, Skin Wars, in which Skin City owner, Robin Slonina, is a judge and producer!

In this case, the first part was creating the beautiful floral background to have our model Alissa Banks blend in to. Thanks to Gaia for the charming setting!


After we figured out where the model will be positioned within the background, a camera was set up with a monitor to insure correct placement of the paint. Lots of calculating and tweaking took place to get it just right for that final shot from the camera’s precise point of view so it all lines up in the final image.



It was truly an incredible experience assisting my body paint hero and mentor, Robin, on my very first camo! It was so cool to see Alissa slowly start to disappear into the floral backdrop as Robin began to mark out areas that we’d start to paint. Alissa was a rockstar throughout the entire duration of it, not taking any breaks!


Our good friend Benoit was kind enough to shoot video while Richard and Ken took photos of the entire progress. The energy of everyone involved made for such an enjoyable experience with such a fun group of creative individuals!



Body Paint: Robin Slonina
Body Paint Assistant: Letty Lopez
Model: Alissa Banks
Video: Benoit Beaufils
Photography: Richard Brusky and Ken Elsner
Special Thanks to Peter & Angela of Gaia Flowers


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