Skin City Spider Girl Body Paint
Skin City Pregnant Belly Painting
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Skin City Pregnant Belly Painting
Fun, Unique, Wild Las Vegas Experience

Whether it’s your first time or your umpteenth time visiting Las Vegas, the sheer volume of fun and exciting things to do can be overwhelming. You want to create great memories and stories to tell your friends for years to come. Getting painted by a professional body painting artist is a unique, fun, and thrilling Las Vegas experience and a great way to break out of your shell and stand out in a crowd. Or keep it discreet and have one of our pro photographers capture you in our studio as a living work of art!

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What Past Clients Say…

  • Your staff and company far exceeded everything we imagined possible.

    Scott and Mary
    Scott and Mary Halloween Clients
  • Robin and her folks are real professionals and the art quality is amazing. Do something original in Vegas, get painted!

    James C Private Client
  • Great experience from start to finish! If this is something you've imagined doing.... I highly suggest doing it.

    Suzy L.
    Suzy L. Private Client
  • My leopard lasted ALL night absolutely perfect!  It didn't rub of at all! It was the most unique epic experience ever!

    Yalena Private Client
  • I don’t think I can experience Vegas the same without being painted! I loved it.

    Christopher Concert-goer
  • We had an absolute ball walking the Strip that night!

    Mark and Emma
    Mark and Emma Wedding Party

Frequently Asked Questions

What design should I get?


You can start by looking through our galleries of photos for inspiration, or do an image search online. You can upload reference pictures of body paint you like on our Contact Form. Or you can describe for us what you want, and we’ll try to replicate it. Although we can copy designs from pictures, we prefer to custom-make a unique design for every job. Still not sure? Let us know the theme of your event, your company colors and/or logo, your favorite color, things you like, etc., and we can help you brainstorm or design it all for you.

Can I go out in Vegas wearing body paint — and nothing else?!

Skin City only paints fully nude females for private events and photo shoots. (As per company policy and our business license restrictions, we can not paint fully nude males.) You can NOT go out in public wearing only body paint or you will be breaking indecent exposure laws. Unfortunately, paint is not considered clothing, so pasties and thong underwear are the minimum coverage allowed. We always provide pasties with your paint, and we will advise you on the proper underwear to bring. Because casinos have different rules (and can be extremely hit-or-miss in enforcing those rules!) we advise bringing a light, soft cover up like a satin robe to wear while passing through casinos. It can always be removed once inside the club or party. It only takes one grumpy security guard to ruin your night, and sadly we have no control over them! Please be aware you are being painted at your own risk.

What’s included in the photography package?


We will email you the unedited pictures from the photoshoot in small digital files (5″ 7″ at 72 dpi — perfect size for web use). You choose your five (5) favorites, and then we edit and retouch those to make them perfect. We will email you the final, edited five pictures at full-size high-resolution to print if you wish. Additional high-resolution choices may be added for $10 each.

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