Halloween 2016

Another season of ghouls, freaks, and monsters at the Skin City studio. Contact us NOW to start planning your Living Art dreams! Video by Damien Jay

Halloween 2015

More ghouls, monsters, skulls, and fantastical creatures than you can shake a stick at! No tricks, all treats at Skin City Body Painting this Halloween. Don’t wait, contact us today to [...]

Halloween 2014

The new Skin City studio is less than a year old and we’ve already haunted its halls with a parade of ghouls, skeletons, monsters, with a few super heroes and cool abstract characters [...]

Halloween 2013

Skeletons, burn and maiming victims, and a murderous pumpkin monster! Every Halloween is more exciting and delightful than the last. Fun, spooky, imaginative costume ideas from every one of our [...]