• Just wanted to send you a big thank you for the body painting you did for my husband and his mates for our wedding. I had no idea the boys were planning a Hangover-style wedding and was stunned when I saw them on our wedding day. We had an absolute ball walking the Strip that night!

    Mark and Emma
    Mark and Emma Wedding Party
  • SkinCityPennTellerHoly F*ck! You're good!!!  

    Penn Jillette
    Penn Jillette Penn & Teller
  • Ringmaster1I wanted to write and thank you for making the event on Saturday a success. You’re a dream to collaborate with, and the artists you put together to bring the theme to life were wonderful and spot on. Please pass on our sincere appreciation to your entire staff & performing artists. I will definitely recommend Skin City when any opportunities arise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  

    Will Adamson
    Will Adamson oogoog productions
  • SkinCityVegasSuitsThank you again for the cool body painting for the Lady Gaga concert! I must be in 200 Facebook and concert photos! Everyone wanted a picture with me. The Lady Gaga staff pulled me out of the crowd right away and did a photoshoot with me. An online Vegas magazine also did a video interview and photos. MGM security followed me but never stopped me! They just smiled and followed me as I walked around and people took photos. I was grabbed by the Studio 54 staff and they wanted me to go in and walk around! I went in and danced for about 4 or 5 hours, photos, craziness. I don’t think I can experience Vegas the same without being painted! It’s like you are a celebrity but no one knows who you are! I loved it. I think everyone did. I should plan to do one night of each trip in paint! Thank you again!

    Christopher Concert-goer
  • Great experience from start to finish! The artist was very professional and my experience as a first-timer was so much easier because of her. The artwork was outstanding and it lasted the entire night.  I had many photos taken and gave out MANY cards. If this is something you've imagined doing.... I highly suggest doing it .... It was easy to take off the next day too.

    Suzy L.
    Suzy L. Private Client
  • So talented!!! I'm a filmmaker and since we started working with Skin City the quality of our films and music videos has skyrocketed!  They have brought so many of our characters to life in ways far beyond what we thought was possible. Can't recommend enough!

    Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson Light Forge Studios
  • TestimonialDoubleEagleRobin has worked with us on several photo shoots. We had to work on a very tight schedule, and Robin consistently worked in a very calm manner and provided excellent results in every circumstance. Her work is not only technically professional and of a top standard, but is also beautiful and creative. I recommend her to anyone looking for an artist who not only gets the job done, but puts her whole heart into her work.

    Dave Proctor, Photographer/Owner
    Dave Proctor, Photographer/Owner Double Eagle Studios
  • TestimonialScottMaryHalloweenYour staff and company far exceeded everything we imagined possible. Your commitment to our costumes was over the top and perfect in every way. Thank you and your staff for helping Mary to be comfortable and for the relaxed environment your folks created. They were kind, friendly, courteous, generous and had integrity in all their words. Your staff was amazing! I will be writing on some blogs about how anyone worldwide who needs to get this done should fly to Vegas, and see you first before going to an event.

    Scott and Mary Halloween Clients, 2011
  • I just wanted to sincerely thank you for Friday night’s event. All the models were so friendly and nice, as well as beautiful and helpful. I was very happy with how the paint worked out as well! You took great care of us and I felt you were on top of everything at all times so I didn’t have to worry. Thank you for that. When I’m planning so many events at once it’s truly appreciated to know you don’t have to worry and you’re in good hands.

    Sharon Lone Star Distribution
  • TestimonialCollaboractionRobin doesn’t paint flesh, she makes a new layer of skin that stretches over her subjects like a fever dream and seems to affect their souls. This new skin is detailed, sexy, vibrant and always spectacular. The models she did for our 2004 Carnavale event at the Congress Theatre sent the crowd of over 1000 guests into a roar! Photos of me and the models landed in the pages of multiple Chicago media outlets and are still referenced today. She is a master body painter.

    Anthony Mosely, Artistic Director
    Anthony Mosely, Artistic Director Collaboraction Theatre Company
  • IMG_0059Thank you for the wonderful fun experience of body paint yesterday! We had so much fun! My leopard lasted ALL night absolutely perfect! It didn't rub of at all! It was the most unique epic experience ever! Loved every moment of it! Thank you! It was SO SAD to wash it off! Can't wait to do it again!!

    Yelena Private Client
  • SnakeBabeIn our programs, details are not always available until the day of the performance. As difficult as this is to prepare for, Robin always comes through like a pro and goes beyond any of our expectations. She has proven her ability in the most unpredictable of situations. Her professional attitude and abilities have put her on the top of our list!

    Steve August, Owner
    Steve August, Owner August Entertainment
  • SeonIt would be truly an honor to work with you and your team again. From the word Go, you and your team have all been an Awesome, Professional, Kind, Friendly, Beautiful group of individuals. I have grown from our experiences and cherish you and your friendship. Continued success to the Skin City Family! May God continue to Bless you. Peace and Blessings.

    Seon Robinson Photographer
  • NetFlowNinjaGirlsCisco Live was a blast this year! We had the largest Lancope dinner in the company's history. How did we get so many leads? Three words: NetFlow Ninja Girls! The models at our booth were body painted. We had them professionally airbrushed before the show each day. Took about 3 hours each morning and the effect was quite dramatic. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and coordination that went into such a massive event!

    NetFlow Ninja
  • What a blast… Six, no seven stars! It is a really unique way to spend an afternoon in Vegas… My beauitful wife being painted like a showgirl! The most sensual thing I’ve done with my clothes on… mine at least 😉 Robin and her folks are real professionals and the art quality is amazing. Do something original in Vegas, get painted!

    James C. Private Client